Business Services

Why Parkside for Businesses?

When it comes to businesses, six workers die every day - more than 2,000 each year - while driving, riding in, or working around motor vehicles in traffic. Just one motor-vehicle crash with injuries can cost your company as much as $49,700.

Our Courses for Businesses

Our 4 Hour Defensive Driving Course is a fast-paced driver improvement program that also makes an ideal refresher course. In just a half a day, it offers practical strategies to reduce collision-related injuries, fatalities, and costs.

Extra Behind-the-Wheel Training

We provide students with additional behind-the-wheel training in our insured vehicles at an hourly rate. We have successfully trained drivers that are new to the U.S. and provided training for citizens who have been out of the driver's seat for an extended period of time. Training is available at any location and flexible scheduling is available.

Speaking Engagement

If your business is looking for an engaging and entertaining speaker for a conference or staff meeting, please consider Parkside Driving School for that need. Our many years of traffic safety experience, paired with our racing history and a wealth of motor vehicle industry knowledge, can be just the thing to turn a corporate training into an enjoyable experience for everyone. Contact us for more information about our guest speaking availability.

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